Covering Tents

If combinations of our modular huts are not sufficient any more and larger constructions are needed, we cover aluminium tents. Thus, you get a hut with a floor area of 50, 100 or 200 sqare meter and even a second floor if needed.

All tent walls are replaced by rustic wooden walls with transom windows, large doors or sales openings. The aluminium carriers, interior stairways, balconies etc. are also covered with wood, even the roof cover will be printed in wood shingle style. We pay special attention to user-friendliness. All components of the cover can be assembled and disassembled very quickly and can easily be transported.

With our covers, we add a cozy and pleasant hut atmospherethe customers will enjoy to what was once a cold and simple tent.

As a special highlight, you can of course set up our smaller huts inside this big hut. Here we recommend our lightweight huts.

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