Rustic Market Huts

These appealing huts are at the heart of our company. Made from high-quality processed domestic woods such as larch or Douglas fir, our huts look decorative on every kind of market. There is no need to embellish the exterior walls – the rustic huts are a real eye-catcher and will surely attract people’s attention! In a series of processes, the wood is planed, repeatedly burned and glazed whilst the distinctive bark is retained which gives our huts their unmistakeable and rustic charm.

Looking for more space? Then we would like to recommend our Six-Meter-Huts or the Spacious Huts.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 3.00m x 2.15m x 2.85m
4.00m x 2.15m x 3.00m
Side flap: optionally on the right, left or both sides
Door: Optionally on the right/left side or on the back

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