Six-Meter-Huts and Tower Huts

Our six-meter-huts and tower huts (feature a width of 8.50 meter) are the ideal huts for all those who want a little more selling space! The front flap covers the whole front of the hut (6.00m or 8.50 meter) and the blinds form a kind of canopy roof when being folded up so that both your goods and your customers are protected against rain.

Upon request we can include side flaps on both sides (the door would be at the back then) or the door can be at the left or right side. In some cases it may even be useful to include doors on both sides to reduce walking distances.

These huts can also be set up fully accessible so that your customers can walk into your hut.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 6.00m x 2.15m x 3.10m
6.00m x 2.44m x 3.10m
 Tower hut 8.50m x 2.15m x 4.00m
Side flap: optionally on the right, left or both sides
Door: Optionally on the right/left side or on the back

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