Spacious Huts

Flexibility is especially important to us and a distinctive characteristic of our company since it has been established in 1995. That is why we have met the wishes of many caterers and other event organizers and offer deeper huts with more space. Our Townhouses and Twin Tower Huts have a floor area of 30 to 38 square meters and thus provide lots of valuable space. The huts consist of two combined six-meter-huts or two tower huts.

These big huts can be set up fully accessible so that you customers can walk into the huts whilst you serve them from a counter at the back of the hut. Another option would be to use that extra space as a storage area for your gastronomy. We are happy to incorporate your own ideas.

If you are looking for even more space for your customers, you should take a look at our tent cover options.

Dimensions (W x D x H):
Townhouse: 6.00m x 5.10m x 3.10m
Townhouse small: 6.00m x 4.50m x 3.10m
Twin Tower Hut 8.50m x 5.00m x 4.00m
Twin Tower Hut small 8.50m x 4.50m x 4.00m


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