Tree Trunk Hut

The craziest product of our wood sculptors so far! A gastronomic stand made from complete trees and branches with a larch wood roof and sales openings on all sides.

Usually, the assembly of such a unique hut would take several days and once it has been stowed away for storage the parts probably wouldn’t fit together again – wood continues to work and cracks, twists etc. However, in our metalworking shop we add galvanized steel to the tree trunks and branches. In this way, the hut can be assembled and disassembled unlimited times – which only takes approx. five hours.

The large 1.50 meter long roof overhang to all sides ensures that your customers can enjoy their food and drinks without getting wet – on a counter with a length of 24 meters!

We are happy to also provide suitable bar tables with roofs made from tree trunks.

You need a hut like this on a trailer? No problem, just ask for our concession trailers!

Dimensions (W x D x H): 7.30m x 3.50m x 4.30m
Side flap: to be opened on all sides
Door: at the side

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