Walk-in Huts

As the name already suggests, it is an obvious advantage of these huts that people can walk into them since they are completely open to the front. Very often the distance between the people outside the hut and the seller behind his counter inside the hut is regarded as annoying. With these huts there is no need to worry about that – your customers can just walk right into it!

This kind of market stall has especially proven to be successful for selling textiles and wines. The open front makes it much easier to bring the customer in contact with the whole range of goods since you don’t have to show only a small variety due to limited space on the counter.

With the walk-in huts, rainy days no longer mean a drop in sales. Instead of walking past your hut, lots of passers-by will use it as a shelter – and what could be better than that? The walk-in huts have also been used before as a shelter for bands, animals or party guests on rainy days.

Of course, the huts can be locked and closed completely so that your goods are secured at night. Thanks to the flexible modular design it is possible to convert any hut in full or partially into a walk-in hut.

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