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You are searching for attractive market huts to bring your market or event up to the next level? So if you are planning an event like a Christmas market, Octoberfest, Festival or any other exciting event we are the right contact to talk and cooperate with!

We are a medium-sized, flexible and powerful company located in the northern part of Germany. From here we are operating worldwide and have already satisfied our customers in the UK, Japan, China, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and of course Germany.

Our huts and furniture are all manufactured by our carpenters, wood sculptors and painters and so we are proud to offer very high quality Made in Germany.

​Our market huts

All our clients have different kind of expectations and we are always willing and motivated to realize your wishes in the best way. Of course we are offering our standard huts in different sizes and designs but we are always open minded to do some special things.

We started more than 20 years ago with our larch wooden huts and this design is still today our best seller all over the world although even more customers quite often ask for a new and colourful design. So we are able to offer lattice design huts as well as old town chalets with different kind of gables. So please tell us about your ideas so that we can make you an offer that you cannot refuse.

Also we are offering different sizes of huts. We got various standard sizes from 2,00m x 1,50m to 11,00m x 5,10m but are also able to build larger chalets for shelter. It depends on your needs and so please challenge us!

​Our service

Because of a possibly distance between you and our company it is quite difficult to rent our huts, but it is of course possible. So please ask for our rental service so that we can give you an idea about the prices. We are able to offer you the full-service-package including transport, building-up and breaking-down as well us just the renting. This is always transparent and you are knowing about costs from the beginning.

Same with buying our huts and furniture: We will always communicate reliable prices for our products and for our services as well. Let’s speak about a project, get our offer and decide what kind of services you want to book on top. Quite often it is cheaper to assemble your huts by your own especially when you are located overseas. In this case we are supporting with manuals of course so that you are able to do this in an easy way.

  • ​Visualization of ideas

  • ​Contacts to reliable gastronomes, traders and handcrafters

  • ​Rental and sale of market huts, tents and matching inventory

  • ​Assembly and disassembly of the individual components 

  • Transport


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​Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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