Sales Trailers & Custom Construction

Can't be done, doesn't exist! You have a crazy idea or it should be a little more extraordinary? The requirements are particularly tricky and a little more creativity and know-how is needed?
Contact us, every problem is a new challenge for us, which we would like to tackle in your interest.

Sales trailers

Our sales trailers are a comfortable solution if you want to travel with your hut e.g. from event to event. We install your desired hut in any look, whether in larch wood look or half-timbered style, on a trailer. Of course, we also pay attention to the total weight of the trailer construction and accompany the complete construction up to the TÜV test. Alternatively, we can also build your hut on a steel frame with rollers. In this way, you can simply pull your market hut onto your trailer in order to unload it again - just as easily - somewhere else. Contact us and let us realize your ideas together!

Creative special constructions

In the past, we have already realized many a possible - and also impossible - project idea, which then no longer had so much to do with a "normal" market hut. So if it should not be an everyday sales hut, then something like our tree trunk hut, for example, would be the right thing for you. Here, complete tree trunks and hot-dip galvanized steel are used. The structures of the hut itself are based on the growth of the trees, which is why such a hut is always a beautiful unique specimen. With this very special sales hut, you are sure to attract many customers.

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