Profile 4-Meters Hut

ompared to the 3m variant (link to 3m hut), the 4m hut has two sales flaps at the front and is used where a little more space is needed. This hut can also be delivered either with a counter or provided as a walk-in hut.
Thanks to our modular construction it is possible to build up the side parts with a door or an additional sales flap. The side parts can be flexibly exchanged with each other as needed, which makes our sales huts multifunctional talents.


Standard sizes:

4.00 x 2.15 x 3.00 m

4.00 x 2.44 x 3.00 m

4.00 x 4.52 x 3.00 m

4.00 x 5.10 x 3.00 m

Width x depth x height

_ _ _

Individual sizes possible on request.

All dimensions are approximate in meters.

_ _ _

Price: from 4,950.00 €

Plus VAT and possible delivery costs.

Please ask for special conditions and discounts.


We offer the following designs:

  • Rustic
  • Nordic
  • Half-timbered

All RAL colors are possible. 

_ _ _

Customized designs possible upon request.


Choose from a variety of options:

  • side flaps
  • walk-in front
  • exterior counter
  • door handle with lock
  • glazing-bar windows
  • shutters
  • shingle roof
  • and many more
All dimensions are approximate in meters. © 2022 Fjord Hütten

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