Greater efficiency in surface treatment


The actual production of our huts begins with the cutting and preparation of the material. Boards are sawn, construction timber is cut to correct lengths and much more. We have been able to significantly optimize our processes in this production area over the last few years. On the one hand through the acquisition of modern and efficient machines, and on the other through improved processes and continuous further development of the construction methods of our huts and other products.

The area of surface treatment has always lagged somewhat behind the enormous progress made in cutting and subsequent assembly. Although the purchase of a smaller automatic coating machine for glazing the slabs brought a time advantage here, it remained the case that the coating of boards and wooden strips, planks etc., for example, took a lot of time. Last but not least, there is of course also a difference in quality between manual and automated paint application.

In view of the continuously increasing production figures, it was therefore only a logical consequence that we also had to, or rather wanted to, make a major investment in the painting area - and so we recently put a large Duo FlexSpray painting machine into operation. With this machine, we are able to glaze and paint large quantities in a very short time, even with just one person at the machine. The quality has once again increased enormously and the throughput times in the painting area have been significantly reduced.

Another advantage is that we are also extremely flexible when it comes to staff planning, as the machine is very easy to operate after a short briefing. Depending on the situation, we decide in which area we can best deploy our staff and especially temporary staff and can therefore "swim" with the respective demand. It is great fun when the production processes are so "smooth" and the quality of the products is simply really good - after all, that is also our claim, which is reflected in our slogan "Quality and passion made in Germany".



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