Modular design instead of rigid constructions

Gestapelte Hüttenteile

We manufacture all of our huts in modular construction. This means that the individual parts are manufactured separately in advance and, depending on the configuration, ultimately result in the finished hut. All individual parts are planned in advance using 3D design software, and the digital drawings are then transferred to production. This is where the individual components of the huts are cut to size, which are later treated in the painting department and finally joined together in the assembly department.

This enables us to produce very large quantities at once. The question "How long does it take you to build a hut?" is therefore not so easy to answer - we "think in parts". A significant advantage of this production process is that we design the individual hut parts directly so that they can be used for different hut types. This applies to floor and roof elements as well as front and rear parts and side parts.

The modular design has also proved very successful in terms of storage. The huts are usually stored in a disassembled state, whereby the available space can be optimally utilized. The dismantled huts can also be transported extremely efficiently, e.g. with a 40 t truck (a separate article will follow on this).

Our modular design is therefore aimed at producing even very high quantities with consistently high quality, whereby we can work in parallel in our different production areas and there is no idle time.

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