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For a barbecue or beverage stand, our pavilions are the optimal solution. Especially in combination with a surrounding shelter, they also make a great center of a market. We build this special market hut in different sizes with a diameter of about 4.50 m up to more than twelve meters.

In terms of design, of course, you have many options for a pavilion. For example, we can build a surrounding lounge area as a windbreak or a covered area. Choose to how many sides you want to sell from the pavilion and where to place closed walls or the door.
Do you need an indoor and outdoor counter? Should we build more extras, such as a small dome? Do you want an individual color design? All this is possible. Tell us what you have in mind and we will build your unique sales stand.

For rent, we mainly offer our pavilions in the rustic larch wood look. In addition, we also rent out green or red pavilions in the half-timbered look. As always with Fjord Hütten, your needs come first for us.


Standard sizes:

Diameter 4.30 m

Height 3.50 m

_ _ _

Individual sizes possible on request.

All dimensions are approximate in meters.

_ _ _

Single price: from 8,800.00 €

Plus VAT and possible delivery costs.

Please ask for special conditions and discounts.


We offer the following designs:

  • Rustic
  • Nordic
  • Half-timbered

All RAL colors are possible. 

_ _ _

Customized designs possible upon request.


Choose from a variety of options:

  • interior & exterior counter

  • sales flaps on all sides

  • door handle with lock

  • smoke outlet for barbecue

  • shingle roof

  • and many more

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